Burnt Onions

Beautiful Burnt Onions

I never thought one of my previous kitchen ‘mishaps’ would be covered in a nyt article. Caramelised onions are something I make all the time. Of course, when the cooking goes slightly past caramelised, parts of the onions take on a blackish tinge. In the past, when burnt onions happened to me, I’d still eat them anyway, but they were never the ‘final destination’.

There isn’t a recipe for this, more like a method, a la Mark Bittman. For caramelised onions, I would go low and slow all the way, and add flavour bit by bit, like a touch of sugar, salt, dried herbs, pepper… But Bittman says to start on a medium-high heat so that the onions sizzle when they hit the pan.

There’s something about the burnt, literally bitter-sweet bits. These are so versatile – over pasta, rice, in a burger, or do like I did and use them to bulk up a salad. Next time I’ll burn those a touch more.

Caramelised onions are so yesterday. Burn ‘em!


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