Moroccan-Spiced Salmon

I think most people find it hard to do much after a long day of work. I must admit, a lot of times I just want to go home and slump on the couch and not do anything but watch tv for the rest of the night.

Today wasn’t one of those days. Grocery shopping is one thing I love doing, no matter how exhausted I am. Once I step into a market, I feel a rush, and the only hurry I’m in is to run home and cook what I’ve just bought. It’s silly, but I honestly get excited about food a lot.

I saw some really fresh salmon fillets, and instantly knew what how I was going to cook them: Morrocan-spiced salmon.

It really sounds more exotic than it is. I cheated and used one of those seasoning salts. It’s really good stuff! Hey, I’m human. I needed something quick. So shoot me.

I honestly don’t know how or why some people buy salmon with the skin removed. Why, oh, why??? The crispy skin is the best part of the salmon!

I had some king oyster mushrooms so I panned them with the salmon. I like tasting mushroom without it being masked by heavier flavours so I kept it simple. The entire meal took less than 5 minutes from chopping board to pan to plate.

Really, really good. Thank you, bottled-seasoning-salts.


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