Coffee Toffee Bars

I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I saw it on PW. She has a compelling, almost devilish way of drawing you in. The recipe is so incredibly simple and the list of ingredients is short, which is what I like a lot about it. Who doesn’t have pantry basics like flour and brown sugar?

This isn’t just a glorified blondie. Like a cookie recipe, the fat (butter sounds better) gets creamed with the sugar first. I did this by hand. Hey, it’s a lazy Sunday. Give me a break. Kudos to me for working those forearm muscles.

While I was making this, it dawned on me that I’d run out of eggs (what?), but thankfully, the recipe does not call for them. Phew! Hurrah for shortbreads.

I made changes to the original recipe. First, I subbed vanilla extract for almond. And, instead of just chocolate chips, I used white chocolate as well, for a bit of extra colour.

I’m sure this recipe can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, like adding nuts in or on top of the cookie, shredded coconut… Mmmm

I love sweets with a coffee flavour, and this hit the spot. My cousins tried it and said it reminded them of a Mrs. Field’s cookie bar, only better! Now that was a compliment.


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