Korean Scallion Pancake and Bean Sprouts

I had a craving for Korean food today. I love the stuff, and not just their famous charcoal barbeque. I had a bunch of scallions (green onions) in the fridge so Pajeon (scallion pancake) seemed fitting. I’d say it’s sort of a cross between a crepe and an omelette.

To me, the best thing about Korean food is the banchan. Even if you only order a bowl of noodles, there will always be an abundance of it on the table. Banchan is like the Korean equivalent of tapas. There are plates and plates of goodies like the most famous one – kimchi – and others such as sweet potato, spinach, cucumbers and bean sprouts.

Kongnamul (I’m sure there are hundreds of different spellings for this) is one of the most quintessential banchan and is always used in bibimbap. It’s really just blanched bean sprouts which are then seasoned with sesame oil, a touch of soy sauce, finely chopped scallions, finely minced garlic and sesame seeds. Sometimes sugar is added too.

No recipe is needed because you adjust the seasoning according to taste. I chilled mine because I like it cold and crunchy. As the recipe for Pajeon suggests, I cooled it to room temperature and served it with the bean sprouts and a squidgen of Korean mayonnaise. Perfect for a simple summer lunch for one.


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