Speck on Sourdough

Melbourne: Sunny today with a top of 24°C (75°F) – perfect for a trip to the market.

On the walk there, I stopped by at my favourite bargain bookstore. Hidden in the corner, I saw a copy of Nick Malgieri’s Chocolate. I’d been wanting this dessert book for a very long time. When I saw the price tag, I must’ve grabbed it quicker than I could say BARGAIN! It was $12! Brand new! That really started my day.

At the market, I picked up a loaf of gorgeous multigrain sourdough from my favourite bakery. Everytime I buy fresh bread, I’m compelled to hurry home to build myself a sandwich, to take full advantage of the freshness of the bread. I also love this bread because of the all the seeds, which I couldn’t stop picking at on the way home.

Oh, did I mention I also bought some speck? Mmm… speck. I like speck more than prosciutto. I think I might be alone on this. To me, speck is really under-appreciated. I love the fattyness. The speck (thinly sliced, no less) had such an amazing smokey flavour. I’m so glad I bought enough to last a few days.

Specky Goodness

So this was my Friday lunch – Speck on Sourdough. I didn’t toast the sourdough – when bread is fresh I like it that way. I smeared the slices with Maille dijon mustard. I didn’t bother with greens because I didn’t want interference with all that specky goodness. Okay I lied. I forgot to buy baby spinach or arugula. D’oh!

But definitely, when you use good stuff, you really don’t need much adornment. Let the ingredients speak for themselves.


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