Sunshine On A Plate

pancakes before adornment

Pancakes must be my favourite breakfast. I never order them outside because I make pretty darn good ones. When I eat out, I almost never order food that I could ordinarily make on my own, whether it be pancakes, cheesecake, spaghetti Bolognese…

Woke up early this morning. The weather was still gloomy from yesterday (did I mention the freggin’ snowball-sized hail?) so I thought pancakes were fitting. No pancake-mix from a box, please! Why would you when these come together like a quick bread recipe and make the most fluffy and moist pancakes? The batter is quite thick because I like my pancakes that way.

Now there are a few important tricks to making great pancakes. For instance, always use a non-stick pan or griddle, because no oil or butter goes on it. Instead, I melt butter and mix it into the batter to avoid stickage and to add a nice butteryness and moistness to the cakes. I think I just did a ‘Rachael Ray’ and made up a gazillion non-words.

Also, I cannot stress enough the imperativeness of a lumpy batter, just like you would a muffin. Muy importante, por favor! If your batter is smooth, the cakes will end up like wet, rubbery cardboard. Is that a real thing? Now go forth and you’ll have sunshine on your plate too.

Ooh, the sun’s come out; albeit only for a moment, I’m sure.


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