Lemon-Fig Cake

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I pretty much spent it watching reruns of Will & Grace and Law & Order: SVU. Considering there were torrential storms and freggin’ hail outside, I decided to bake something.

There were fresh figs in the fridge, and my aunt was complaining they were tasteless. I googled “Fig Cake” and this is what I found: Lemon-Fig Cake. Perfect.

The recipe calls for basic ingredients and it took really little time to put together – mix wet and dry ingredients separately then put together, just like a quick bread. No surprise, the texture turned out like a quick bread too. Still, it was pretty darn good.

I used fresh lemon juice to the batter. Figured it would help add some zing to the cake, and the taste was really nice with the olive oil and figs.

After spreading the batter in the loaf pan, I topped it with extra figs and sprinkled some coarse brown sugar on top, to add a nice crunch. See the crystals?

before slicing

I baked the cake in a loaf pan, and it looked like barely enough batter. I should’ve doubled the recipe – I like tall cakes. It did rise in the oven though, and made a delicious tea cake on this dreary afternoon.


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