Tea Dust

Have you ever tried this stuff? The super old-fashioned box is just the cutest thing. I don’t know many people nowadays who use tea dust. This is my favourite brand.

What is tea dust anyway? Conventionally, it was seen as the reject. When I was young, my dad told me that when tea companies made black tea, the leaves would get crushed during manufacturing and packaging. The remnants of the leaves would be the tea dust, or essentially tea powder.

I like my black tea very strong (black almost) so I use about one tea spoon of tea dust in my mug. Then I pour boiling water and stir. My dad says if you don’t use boiling water and stir vigorously, the dust/powder won’t sink to the bottom. Alternatively, you could always use a tea sift but I prefer not to.

Then I add a tiny bit of sugar and milk. Or if I have it, condensed milk (mmmm, condensed milk). The reason I love this tea is because it has a subtle vanilla flavour, so the tea is really fragrant. My dad likes to make this tea weak, and just add sugar and ice for hot days. This box of tea dust cost me a dollar. I guess that’s what you pay for ‘rejects’.



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2 responses to “Tea Dust

  1. mmubashar

    I’m looking for this tea. Where can we find it?

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