Scrumptious Crumbed Fish

Food photography is tough man. I know a good camera helps. I don’t want to be a bad workman who always blames his tools. The voice in my head is saying, practice, practice and more practice. That, I will.

Anyway, dinner tonight was crumbed fish. I mixed some wholegrain breadcrumbs with lemon rind (freshly grated with my Microplane), salt and pepper. Don’t worry, I’m not going to wax about my love for my Microplane box grater. I mean, I only bought it for $14.95 from Sur la Table when the original retail price was $49.95. Bargain, baby. I won’t go on about how it stands magnificently, has a fine-grate side and a coarse-grate side, and even came with a slider attachment to avoid my fingers getting grated. I won’t wax.

Right, so I lightly beat an egg with some cornflour in one bowl. I dunked the fish fillets in the egg and then the crumbs, and pan-fried them with some olive oil till golden. Scrumptious – not scrummy (sickening word), just scrumptious.


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