Fried Rice Paradise

That’s a song by the way, I kid you not – fried rice paradise, also known as, my dinner tonight. I know I know, what the hell is the big deal about fried rice? Anyone can make it, but tonight that anyone is me. This is just a typical meal for me. I just used whatever I had lying around. Okay so you’re thinking, you have Chinese sausage lying around? Yes, I do. I’m Chinese, shoot me whyduncha. I love that stuff. It’s so dang tasty and oily.

There isn’t a recipe for this. With cooking I rarely use recipes. With baking it’s a whole ‘nother ball game (another story for another day). When I cook, I like looking at a recipe, then doing my own thing. I like to think that I have enough experience with cooking that I can cook by feel. So tonight, this is fried rice with lap cheong (Chinese sausage). I used frozen mixed vegetables. I only use these for fried rice because they’re really perfect for it. I like that all the ingredients in this dish are one uniform size – the corn is the same size as the carrots, as the peas, as the rice grains, as the lap cheong… You catch my drift. Plus, I love the flavour of corn, carrots and peas and lightly sauteing them means their colours stay vibrant.

The photo ain’t great, but I didn’t want to do any photoshop touch-up. I took it by the window, as daylight was escaping. I’m for the natural look, if you know what I mean. I’m a no-frills kinda gal.


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